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Orvis Convertible Dove and Clays Belt ( ampujanvyö )

Tuotekoodi: 3522-0153

Orviksen ampujanvyö on mainio apuväline niin metsästäjälle kuin rata-ampujille.

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This shooting belt is a versatile accessory for all wing shooters.


Simple, versatile, and comfortable

Full-grain leather belt

Mesh front, Easy-Entry® pockets

Waxed cotton back pocket with full bottom

Water bottle holster



Sizes: M(34-40), L(40-48)

An Orvis best seller for years, the Convertible Dove and Clays Belt is great for use in dove, quail, and other small bird hunts, as well as sporting clays. Rear bird pocket can be removed for clay shooting or used to store hulls. Made in USA.

"Absolutely brilliant piece of equipment for the serious field shooter. The belt has served me well on two trips to Africa. For volume dove shooting in the Khalahari it was perfect lightweight and tough it allowed easy access to my cartridges without restricting movement." –Orvis customer